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John Wayne -The Man, The Legend

 A true to life portrayal of the look and sound of
John "Duke" Wayne.


Actor ~ Emcee ~ Key Note Speaker 

Motivational ~ Americana

Voice Overs


Presented with Great Respect & Honor by

Doug "The Duke" Parker

There are movie stars, there are icons, and then there are legends.  John Wayne was all three and more. 


The Duke transcended mere stardom, personifying not just a heroic presence on screen, but a bygone ideal of true Americana.


Mr. Wayne presented America – its ideals, its physicality, its history, its peculiar spirit – as America saw itself and in turn, how the world saw the country in the 20th century.


Some 40 years since his passing and last movie, to this day, The Duke commands a top spot as our favorite actor of all time.


Imagine turning back the hands of time and having John Wayne show up to entertain, motivate and captivate your event. 


You still can...It is with great respect, honor and pride that I am able to carry on the  personification of a true American legend, 


Make your next event and/or production one that will be not only the talk of the town, but will be remebered for years to come.


Available worldwide: 

Departs from MLI - Moline, IL

Fees available on request


Don't miss out,

reserve today:



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