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The Duke Lives On!


Howdy Pilgrim,


My name is Doug Parker. I was born outside a small southwestern Iowa town, a few years and a few miles apart from where John Wayne was born.


It is quite possible that there is no one else alive today, that has the look, stature and sound that so closely resembles that of John Wayne, as myself.


While my on screen accomplishments don't quite rival that of The Duke's over 170 movies just yet. I have had my fair share of acting and voice over accomplishments. With appearances in several films, over 100 commercials, numerous stage productions and countless voice-over gigs, I'm no stranger to the entertainment scene.


I have also been involved in Public Speaking and as an Emcee for over thirty years.


After hearing for years how I not only have the look, but also the sound, that closely so closely resembles The Duke. I figured it was high time to share this God given talent with the rest of the world.


Help perpetuate the memory of truly one of America's Greatest Legends of all time.


I welcome the opportunity to be of service for your upcoming production and/or to 

entertain at your next event.



Doug Parker

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